Where We Work


The activities of the Foundation were firstly directed to attend the inhabitants of the Historic Center of Mexico City, focusing particularly on the social groups with greater needs. The first population group targeted was the inhabitants of low-income housing nuclei and multifamily units (vecindades), located in the oldest areas of the city center. Although restricted in economic resources, these areas, of great historical and cultural value, have a very dynamic social and community environment.

Simultaneously to the attention given to the inhabitants of the city center, alternatives were considered for the floating population —people who go to the area to develop a variety of activities or as visitors.

The efficiency of the Foundation’s work opened the possibility of expanding to other areas of the city where social, economic and cultural opportunities are limited.

The FCHCDM’s work has extended to an area of the Miguel Hidalgo borough known as La Pensil, where supporting the vulnerable population is necessary due to changes in the socioeconomic conditions of surrounding areas. Its characteristics favor the improvement of the area through our work, since it has potential for social development and its own cultural identity.