Research and cultural production residency. Casa Vecina, 2015

Research and cultural production residency. Casa Vecina, 2015

The Fundación del Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México, A.C. (the “Fundación”) through its Contemporary Art and Culture program, based at CASA VECINA, makes production as well as creative and innovative research projects that interact with, and are inspired and nurtured by, the diversity of community contexts of the Historical Center. Through its research and/or cultural production residency (the “Residency”), Casa Vecina offers researchers, producers, creators and other cultural agents, a space and resources for the development of their projects, if related to different community dynamics at Mexico City. With this aim, we make an open call to: artists from every discipline (visual arts, theater, dance, film, music, photography, craftsmanship, etc.); researchers (anthropologists, sociologists, historians, etc.) and other cultural agents (editors, designers, cultural managers, journalists, urban researchers and designers, curators, etc.) to participate in the selection process for the May-November (2015) period, according to the followingTERMS AND CONDITIONS

  1. Will be able to apply for this call, any professional, 18 years old or older, Mexican or foreign. Priority will be given to projects in Spanish, since it’s required of the investigation to interact with some of the Historic Center of Mexico’s City communities.
  2. Will be able to apply for this call, individuals (the “Candidate”) or groups of up to 3 members (the “Collective”). If the interested in applying to this open call decides to do so through a Collective, they shall appoint one person as responsible. With the Registration Form, they will attach a letter signed by all and each member of the group, designating the person to be responsible of the Collective.
  3. The reception of Registration Forms will be open from the publishing of this Open Call and until March 15th of 2015.
  4. The Candidate or the Collective willing to apply will fill up a Registration Form which will be sent via e-mail to:
  5. The registration form will include personal information of the Candidate or the representative of the Collective, and it will have an attachment with:

-Copy of official I.D of the candidate and/or of each member of the Collective.

-Brief curriculum vitae of each member.

  1. The registration format will include a working plan proposal that will include the development of a clear and provable methodology during the period of 3 to 4 months (the “Project”). The Project will have to take into consideration (by involving, connecting and/or relating) any community of the specific context of any zone of the Historical Center.
  2. The Fundación will designate a jury for the evaluation of the Projects.
  3. This open call will be subjected to the present conditions, which will be available at the Web Site:
  4. Participating on this open call doesn’t imply any direct or indirect obligation to buy or contract any services. The delivery of the Project doesn’t guarantee the participation in the Residency.
  5. The Fundación reserves its right to suspend the Residency in case it lacks the participation of at least 3 registered artists and/or collectives.
  6. Any other conditions in this notice will be solved by the Fundación.
  7. The result of the selection of the first residency will be published on the Web Site  from April 7th of 2015 and the Candidate or Collective will be notified via e-mail.
  8. The Resident or Collective (just one member) should have an Invoice for professional services and tax receipt (current) in order to receive the payment.


  1. The jury will be integrated by members of Casa Vecina’s team and their advisors.
  2. The resolution of the jury will be and doesn’t admit resource or impugnation to modify it or revoke it.
  3. The Fundación will provide 2 periods of residency within the program “Cultural Residency” during 2015.
  4. The selected Candidate or Collective will be notified via e-mail and will have to confirm his participation in a period no longer than 7 business days.
  5. Once selected, the Candidate and/or Collective will sign an agreement with the Fundación in terms provided by it.


The selected Candidate and/or Collective will be entitled to receive the benefits from the Residency from the initial date of the development of the Project. The benefits consist on:

  1. On site studio at Casa Vecina.
  2. Areas for mounting, display and/or presentation of Project results at Casa Vecina or other available spaces provided by the Fundación and its collaborators.
  3. Technical and curatorial support by Casa Vecina’s team to the selected Candidate and/or Collective.
  4. Community bonding, communication and circulation of the information required by the project.
  5. Production budget for the maximum amount of up to $40,000.00 (Forty thousand Mexican pesos 00/100 National currency).
  6. Expenses in the amount of up to $6,000.000 (Six thousand Mexican pesos 00/100 National currency) per month. If the resident is a Collective, the expenses will be of up to $10,000.00 (Ten thousand Mexican pesos 00/100, National currency) per month, regardless of the amount of members of the collective.
  7. An amount for travel expenses (round trip):

-For Mexican residents, up to $8,000.000 (Eight thousand Mexican pesos 00/100 National currency) for terrestrial or aerial transportation, if necessary.

-For foreign residents, up to %15,000.000 (Fifteen thousand Mexican pesos 00/100 National Currency) for aerial transportation.

-For national or foreign collectives, the members of the collectives will have to provide themselves with the missing tickets.

  1. Accommodation, if the resident –individual or collective- requires it, at a place provided by the Fundación. The apartment is suitable for two persons, and an internal agreement with rules of procedures will be signed and respected, otherwise this benefit will be cancelled.


  1. The participants recognize and accept that by registering in this Open call, they accept all and each of the terms and conditions established by this Terms and Conditions, and reserve no right that may imply its impugnation or modification, and agrees to sign the documents presented by the Fundación for the participation on the Residency, either under the celebration of a contract or under any other juridical document needed to regulate the relation between the Candidate or Collective and the Fundación.
  2. The Fundación will be under its own criteria, able to modify the duration of the Residency or to introduce modifications to any of the given points providing, in this case, the proper communication and publicity, fulfilling in case it corresponds, the necessary legal procedures. The Fundación will have the right to suspend or modify, total o partially, the present Terms and Conditions when in any situation not attributable to them, without generating any right to compensation for the participants. The Fundación will be the only one with the power to decide on any situation not covered by these Terms and Conditions.
  3. The selected Candidate and/or Collective will have to be covered by medical insurance, with the understanding that the Foundation nor Casa Vecina, under no circumstance, will hold responsibility for any contracted disease, accidents or death occurred as part of the Residency and/or development of the project.
  4. Also, during the Residency, the selected Candidate and/or Collective will be responsible of behaving at all times respecting the rules and politics settled by the Fundación for the development of the Project. In case of infringement of these rules the Fundación will have the right to end the Residency and suspend the development of the Project without any responsibility towards the offender Candidate and/or Collective.
  5. Any tax (current or future) generated or generated as a result of the Residency shall be borne by the parties that causes them or the party to whom they must be transferred according to the current legislation.
  6. Will not be able to apply to this Open call, or be eligible for the Residency, any person in charge at the Fundación, nor any senior staff of any members of the Associations and/or companies linked to it, nor the immediate family members of any of them, nor the ex-employees of these companies that may have been detached of the same during thirty days preceding the publication of this notice.
  7. The Fundación reserves its right to cancel the Residency in case of the absence of 3 registered Candidates or Collectives. The suspension of the Residency will be informed through the Web Site
  8. Any situation not covered by the present Open call will be resolved by the Fundación.
  9. The head of this Call is the Fundación del Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México, A.C.
  10. For the purposes of this Call, its interpretation and enforcement, the jurisdiction and legislation of the competent courts of Mexico City, Federal District, will be applicable, waving, the convener, any other jurisdiction that may correspond by reasons of their present or future addresses or by any other cause.

Content of the registration form:

The Candidate and/or responsible of the Collective will elaborate a format that includes:

  1. Copy of official ID of the participant (18 years old, minimum). In the case of the collective, it should include the ID of the responsible and of every member of the group. In digital format either .jpg or .pdf.
  2. Personal information (full name, e-mail and phone number)
  3. Provisional title of the project.
  4. Description of the research topic of the Project.
  5. Justification of the research and its main objectives.
  6. General chronogram of activities (maximum of a 3 and a half months period)
  7. Draft of the proposal for the final presentation: mounting, workshops, seminars, screenings or other possible formats, depending on the topic and the characteristics of the Project.
  8. List of provisional collaborators or interlocutors.

All these points should be included in a digital document in any of the following formats: .word, .wordx o .pdf.


  1. Letter of motivation explaining why the Candidate or Collective wishes to develop the Residency at Casa Vecina (maximum one page)
  2. Curriculum vitae of the Candidate and/or members of the Collective.
  3. Web page, portfolio, links to texts and publications, images or any other reference to recent work. Digital format: jpg, .ppt or .pdf.
  4. Supplementary information: press, critics, catalogues, literature, etc.

All these points should be included in a digital document in any of the following formats: .word, .wordx o .pdf. Should you exceed 10MB, the file must be sent via

For further information, comments or questions, contact us by phone: 57091540 and 57091117, ext. 216, at Casa Vecina.

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