In the Foundation for the Historic Center of Mexico City, we consider that social, material and financial well-being is directly related to the human context in which it manifests. To achieve this well-being, we have established as our principal fronts of action the Cultural, Social, Economic and Community development of the area.

Through our programs, we emphasize the importance of Health, Education and Culture, with different social variants.

Our actions are aimed at addressing issues such as family and social integration, physical well-being, psychological counseling, and risk factor and conflict detection. We also offer tools in training, creative training, artistic events and to support the preservation of traditions and cultural dissemination, as fundamental elements in our work.

The specific contents of our programs vary depending on the needs and demands of the targeted population. However, they always follow a participatory process that involves and links the beneficiaries.

The Foundation for the Historic Center has three programs: the Cultural Program, which includes Casa Vecina (Neighboring House) and el Atrio de San Francisco (St Francis’s Atrium); The Community Development Program; and the Employability Program.

In 2015, the Social Agency was created as an internal body connecting the different programs, and consists of four main areas:

  1. Building networks and strategic linkages at national and international level;
  2. Developing research lines to maintain a complete and updated diagnosis of each area of work, as well as to construct the conceptual and theoretical structure of the programs;
  3. Developing a training plan for the professionalization of the Foundation’s staff and its programs’ participants;
  4. Building a shared monitoring and evaluation system that provides evidence of the results obtained by the programs.

The three programs covered by the Social Agency have a shared philosophy: Seek to generate spaces for dialogue, exchange, prevention and creation of opportunities; through establishing and strengthening affective and creative bonds among the different communities and actors. The purpose of this is building a healthy, safe and supportive coexistence in Mexico City.

Historic Center Before

Historic Center Now