In the Foundation for the Historic Center of Mexico City, we believe that strengthening its communities is the groundwork to improve the well-being for its members and achieve a better coexistence.

Through our Community Development Program, we seek to strengthen social coexistence by pursuing objectives such as:

  • Prevent violent situations inside and outside the community.
  • Strengthen the social fabric.
  • Facilitate people to acquire skills to face daily conflicts and solve common problems.
  • Increase decision-making of community members.

In this way, the two guiding principles that define this program are built together with the community. These principles are:

  • Higher quality of life for the community.
  • Well-being for its members.

To implement the program, we developed accompaniment activities, psychological counseling and human development workshops in schools, housing units, and public and community spaces. These activities are performed in partnership with public and private institutions, with the objective of strengthening social skills of its participants.

We also promote a culture of self-care through health days, to promote the quality of life of people.