The Employability Program of the Foundation for the Historic Center of Mexico City (La Fundación del Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México A. C., FCHCDM) works with deep human sensitivity for social development, by favoring job-growth opportunities according to the abilities and aptitudes of each person. 

We strengthen self-sufficient work and community development in the Pensil neighborhood in Mexico City, through the work of a professional team specialized in the subject.

We offer personalized advisory services, continuous training and occupational guidance according to the experience and competencies of each applicant.

We believe that the community is free to choose and build alternative ways of life, away from situations associated with violence and insecurity deteriorate healthy coexistence. For this, the possibility of occupational empowerment plays a fundamental role.

We work through links and collaborations with public and private organizations, as well as with small and large companies with a broad sense of social responsibility.

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